Fancy yourself as the next Wes Anderson? How about stepping into the shoes of James Cameron or Sofia Coppola? Or maybe you’re just a bit bored and want something to do between boxsets?

Luckily, out of darkness cometh…film?

We are launching a stay-at-home film competition, with different tasks and challenges which will be announced over the coming weeks - so keep your eyes peeled!

This week's title is: "A Day in the Life of Quarantine".

Length: 30–90 seconds

Deadline: Midnight Thursday 30th April

Please email us your submissions or upload them to our Google Drive.

The film has to be done entirely from the comfort of your own home.

You may think that it seems like an impossible task, but your kitchen can transform into a mythical landscape, your bathroom an underwater kingdom (It’s amazing what some sheets can do to a space).

We want you to be as creative and as thoughtful as you want. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous - but don't be scared if your tech or technique isn't the best!

We want this competition to bring back a sense of community and curate a project of something we can look back on in years to come, as something to be proud of, and laugh at. We want this to be a truly collaborative project, an opportunity to bring something good out of this truly difficult time.

We will be sharing all of your works on the Out Of Darkness page, so everyone can see and enjoy the films, making a virtual film festival for everyone to enjoy.

Have fun, stick to the rules, and be creative!