Good day! I write this on a delightfully sunny yet nippy afternoon - especially after the Easter heatwave we've just had the benefit of watching from our windows.

I come to you with a recipe. I reckon there's something to be said about embracing a new dish once in a while; it makes one's day that bit richer and more fulfilled, or at the least gives you something to think about.

Today I give you egg muffins! A new way to enjoy eggs beyond the go-to scramble or precarious poach. The basis to an egg muffin is literally whisked egg, in a muffin tin, in the oven. Of course, the fun is in the additions, and you can add pretty much anything you want. I'll go through my latest combination to get the ball rolling. I should state, this recipe is inspired by the man of the hour - Joe Wicks.

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 25 mins


10 eggs
splash of oil for frying
150g chorizo, roughly diced into 1cm pieces
2 rashers of bacon, roughly diced into 1cm pieces
1 courgette, grated
handful of spinach, roughly chopped
1 ball of mozzarella (125g), chopped
50g cheddar, grated (optional)
4 spring onions (1 regular onion will work too), finely chopped
salt and pepper
butter, for greasing


12-hole muffin tin
Large mixing bowl
Frying pan


Preheat your oven to 180oC (fan 160oC).

If you're using a regular onion, quickly soften in the pan for a couple minutes. Then add the bacon and fry for a 2-3 minutes. Finally, add the chorizo and fry for a couple minutes. Allow contents to drain on some kitchen towel.

Whisk the eggs in a large bowl and add the fried mixture, courgette, spinach, mozzarella, spring onions and a generous season with salt and pepper. Give everything a good mix.

Line each hole of the muffin tin with butter, and spoon the mixture in, trying to get a good balance of ingredients in each muffin. If you have some grated cheddar, sprinkle a little over each muffin before placing in the preheated oven for 25 minutes.

Allow to cool for a couple minutes, before gently lifting out of the tin with a spoon. I enjoy my muffins with a bit of HP sauce, but then I'm a philistine.